A territory that has no rival

February 6, 2018

The Eroica philosophy, its rediscovery of cycling as it once was, and the practice of sport for sport's sake, has changed our perception of the essence of this sport. 
In the same way, Nova Eroica is strongly identified with its home territory. It is an appellation; it could only have been invented here, in this corner of Tuscany, on these roads, among these hills and villages, where the love of our roots, our history, our verbal traditions, anecdotes, challenges, jokes and nicknames is still important, making us what we are, good and genuine people. 
And the route, between Gaiole in Chianti and Montalcino, that figure eight that crosses in Buonconvento, has no rival. 
In this magnificent Sienese countryside, there is a string of amazing panoramas, from the Chianti and Val d'Arbia, to Orcia and the Crete senesi; the roads, food and people make for a lifestyle that we could teach to the rest of the world. Our lesson? To live longer and better, among bikes and smiles.





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