29 APRIL  2018

Nova Eroica is the result of passion for a town, its territory and traditions, for courtesy and for everything that cycling and its story represent. It started out in Buonconvento, a context in which everything comes together like a magical puzzle. THANKS to everybody, to the volunteers who were directly involved, to the institutions, sponsors and, especially, to the extraordinary hospitality that comes naturally to this small, magnificent community.

Giancarlo Brocci 


Nova Eroica Festival

Bicycles, art, nature, food and wine; a fantastic weekend is guaranteed in Buonconvento, one of the most beautiful villages of Italy, for the second edition of the Nova Eroica Festival.

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Many guests in Buonconvento

Many illustrious guests will join us in Buonconvento during the five-day Nova Eroica Festival

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A territory that has no rival

The Eroica philosophy, its rediscovery of cycling as it once was, and the practice of sport for sport's sake, has changed our perception of the essence of this sport.

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An amazing collection of photos of Nova Eroica and Eroica Under 23, taken by Paolo Martelli, official Eroica photographer. The beautiful landscapes from Val d’Arbia to Chianti are the backdrop to the most interesting and innovative cycling event of 2017.

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